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Boot room pegs

Monks Seat

Hidden Radiator

Because our boot room furniture designs are truly bespoke we are able to incorporate features like a radiator cover, as shown in this example. The back rest is ventilated to allow air flow. Without undoing a single screw or bolt, the backrest, seat, seat support and lower panel, are easily removable to allow complete access to the radiator for maintenance. 

bench seat


A convenient and stylish storage solution for shoes, boots, hats, gloves, and other outdoor gear.

boot room

Oak Pegs

Our Pegs are hand made from oak and built to last. See how they are made here.

bench pegs

Floor To Ceiling

Complete that country house furniture look so it feels like it belongs there, when fitted floor to ceiling. Can include multiple storage shelves, depending upon the space available. A handy place for baskets to keep additional dog leads and other items.

bench shelves
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